Natural Lawn and Garden Resources

To learn more about Natural Lawn Care and Gardening with Nature check out these websites, doccuments and books:<--break->

    Winter Planning for Spring Blooms (PDF)


      Natural Lawn Care

        Organic Landscape Alliance

          Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

            A Living Lawn... A Lawn for Living

            City of Toronto



                Go for Green 
                Society for Organic Urban Land Care 
                American Community Gardening 
                Carolinian Canada 
                Flower Gardening Made Easy 
                Wildflower Farm Wildflower Farm 
                American Community Gardening Association 
                My Green Garden 
                Go For Green 
                WWF:Green Thumb Tips for Pesticide-free Gardening




                Chemical-Free Lawn, The - The Newest Varieties and Techniques to Grow Lush, Hardy Grass Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1989 
                Rodale Organic Gardening Basics Volume 1: Lawns Rodale Press, United States, 2000 
                Handbook of Successful Ecological Lawn Care, Paul Sachs Edapos Press 
                Building a Healthy Lawn, Stuart Franklin Garden Way Publishing, 1988 
                Rodale's Landscape Problem Solver - A Plant-By-Plant Guide, Jeff and Liz Ball Rodale Press 
                Start with the Soil by Grace Gershuny Rodale Press 
                Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy: Garden Solutions without Chemical Pollution  by Loren Nancarrow. 2000
                Great Garden Formulas: the Ultimate Book of Mix-it-Yourself Concoctions for Your Garden Pests by Elizabeth Miller. 2000
                Weeds and What They Tell by Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer 
                Gardener's Guide to Common Sense Pest Control by William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, Helga Olkowski 
                The Encyclopedia of Natural Insect _ Disease Control by Roger B. Yepsen, Jr.


                Gardening with Nature for Children and Youth

                Garden Mosaics 
                Government of Canada Nature Watch Programs



                  Pesticides, Health and Environment

                    The following links are all useful sources of information on the health and environmental costs of garden chemicals as well as alternatives to pesticides.

                      Report of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, May

                        Pesticide Concentrations in the Don and Humber River Watersheds (1998 - 2000)

                          Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

                            Canadian Institute of Child Health

                              Canadian Cancer Society

                                Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides


                                  Responsible Use

                                    E X T O X N E T Extension Toxicology Network Pesticide Information Profiles Info on the toxicological effects of pesticides

                                      FPT Committee on Pest Management and Pesticides

                                        Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency

                                        Naturally Hamilton offers a series of fact sheets that cover a variety of Pesticide-free lawn and garden care topics including: 

                                        White Grubs


                                        Grow a Healthy Lawn

                                        Native Plants: Creating Low Mainteance Landscapes

                                        Monthly Steps to a Healthy Lawn.pdf

                                        Low Risk Pesticide Products _ Home Made Pest Control Recipes

                                        Chinch Bugs

                                        Ground Covers and Clover

                                        European Crane Fly

                                        White Grubs.pdf375.98 KB
                                        Weeds.pdf18.45 KB
                                        Grow a Healthy Lawn.pdf600.83 KB
                                        Native Plants_Creating Low Mainteance Landscapes.pdf141.48 KB
                                        Monthly Steps to a Healthy Lawn.pdf614.48 KB
                                        Low Risk Pesticide Products _ Home Made Pest Control Recipes.pdf161.98 KB
                                        Chinch Bugs.pdf91.1 KB
                                        Ground Covers and Clover.pdf102.22 KB
                                        European Crane Fly.pdf102.23 KB