CATCH Children's garden program

Green Venture has being working with Community Access to Children’s Health (CATCH) since 2007, providing  the families with weekly programming to educate them on the importance of eating fresh local produce and teaching them how to sustain a food source.  With yearly funding from The Community Foundation TPTII Building Communities initiative of 5,000, Green Venture is able to continue to provide educational programming free of charge to CATCH families throughout the 2010 year.

In 2010 we went on three field trips with CATCH clients.  The first was a visit to the Ottawa Street market. This provided an opportunity for families to learn where to buy fresh, locally grown seasonal bulk fruits and vegetables at different price points. The second trip was to the Children’s Museum. The final field trip took CATCH families back to the kitchen garden at Dundurn National Historic Site for the second year.  Many thanks to the Hamilton Community Foundation, the CATCH Planning Team (CATCH HUB) and other generous partners that helped this program grow.


picture one

Intern Leah reads “Jack and The Bean Stock” to CATCH children before planting their own magical beans and herbs (2010).




CATCH Children in the garden harvesting fresh green and purple string beans in the Green Venture Community Garden (2010).




Simon Taylor and CATCH children sift compost during their first field trip to the kitchen garden at the Dundurn National Historic Site (2009).