Green Gardening at Green Venture

Green Venture has diverse resources and projects related to gardening: 

Natural Lawn and Garden Resources

Both the City of Hamilton's Pesticide Bylaw and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Cosmetic Pesticide Ban help to define how pesticides can be used in our lawn and garden care. Our Natural Lawn and Garden care resources include fact sheets and information to help you comply with these rules while keeping your family, community, and the environment around you safer and healthier as you take care of your outdoor spaces. 

Hamilton Community Garden Network

The HCGN is coordinated by Green Venture and Neighbour to Neighbour Centre to support the maintenance, growth, and development of community garden sites in Hamilton. 

Community Garden- EcoHouse 2013

EcoHouse Community Garden 

 The Ecohouse Community Garden gives gardeners hands-on experience planning, maintaining and harvesting an organic vegetable and herb garden. Starting in 2013, 50 square foot plots are available for rental. Follow the link for more details. 

Small Space Gardening Volunteer Hamilton Garden on the Roof

Oliver's Garden Project

Get informed about local food initiatives in Hamilton.